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We Walk! and we are proud of it.

We welcome all walkers, including, but not limited to, ordinary walkers, fitness walkers, power walkers, nordic walkers, race walkers, hikers, wheelers,  chairs pushers, and even walk/runners.

The course was selected by walkers to be walker-friendly.  The course follows an old railroad bed, covering a small part of the Fargo to St. Paul run. Most of the course is through rural Minnesota, with excellent views of farms, woods, marshes and, of course, a few of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes.

Every 6 miles or so, the course emerges from rural Minnesota into small-town Minnesota. You'll walk right alongside main street, providing easy access to the restaurants, quick-stop shopping, real bathrooms at the trail head, and even bars.

The marathon & 50 km start at 7am. The half marathon starts at 8:30am. The course stays open until 4pm. This gives you 9 hours to complete the marathon or 50 km (20 min/mile pace for the marathon and 17 min/mile pace for 50km) or 7 1/2 hours to complete the half marathon (34 min/mile pace).

Questions? contact by e-mail:  wewalkinfo@twincitiesracewalkers.org